Laudate pueri, 1751 (Baldassare Galuppi)

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Extended setting (approximately twenty minutes) of the Psalm 113, scored for soprano and mezzo soloists (there is also a very brief passage that includes a tenor solo), SATB choir, two oboi, two corni (replaced with trumpets in one movement), strings and continuo.

  • I. Coro: Laudate pueri Dominum (6:35)
  • II. Due (Canto e Alto): A solis ortu (4:40)
  • III. Coro: Quis sicut Dominus (3:05)
  • V. Coro: Suscitans a terra inopem (2:00)
  • V. Canto: Qui habitare (3:40)
  • VI. Alto: Gloria Patri (4:00)
  • VII. Coro: Sicut erat in principio (3:00)

Our edition's source comes from a set of manuscripts preserved at the Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris. The work couples well with our Domine ad adjuvandum me edition from the same set, which uses identical forces.

Although scored for a full liturgical ensemble, the work could be performed with strings only. Additionally, the reduction in the vocal score may provide for suitable accompaniment on organ or piano.

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