Magnificat a Quattro Concertata (Niccolò Jommelli)

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Magnificat setting in nine movements scored for SATB and continuo.
I. Coro: Magnificat (1:30)
II. Tenore: Quia respexit (1:45)
III. Coro: Quia fecit (2:00)
IV. Due (Canto e Alto): Et misericordia (1:45)
V. Coro: Fecit potentiam (1:15)
VI. Alto: Esurientes implevit (1:15)
VII. Coro: Suscepit Israel (2:00)
VIII. Trio (Canto, Canto, e Alto): Sicut locutus est (2:15)
IX. Coro: Gloria Patri et Filio (1:00)
This product is available as a "Realized" Score, which functions as both a full and a vocal score.
The composition date for this Magnificat remains unknown, but it almost definitely comes from Jommelli's time at St. Peters. The scoring for only voices and continuo and the contrapuntal writing of the choral movements make this piece typical of his output for that venue. In addition, the piece includes many sections which could lend themselves effectively to antiphonal ensemble singing, a technique Jommelli used quite often and rather effectively in the basilica. This work typifies the transitory nature of Jommelli's music, combining both the Galant convention of flowing melodies over a simple continuo in the solo movements and a Baroque counterpoint in teh choral movements.
This edition of the Magnificat a quattro concertata was completed from a single source manuscript. It is an undated and unsigned copy which resides in the British Library. Since the copyist is unknown it cannot be verified whether the score dates from the composer's lifetime, but the manuscript appears to be pre-1800. The twenty-seven-page original manuscript is easily readable and was probably used in performance of the work, as is evidenced by several markings in a different handwriting.

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