Alma Redemptoris Mater, 1739 (Francesco Durante)

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Marian antiphon set for solo bass with string accompaniment (no organ). Approximately 11 minutes in length

I. Alma Redemptoris Mater (4:30)
II. Tuum sanctum genitorum (3:15)
III. Sumens illud Ave (3:00)

The music of Francesco Durante is distinguished among his Neapolitan contemporaries in one rather significant aspect: he composed no operas. The fact that his output is comprised almost exclusively of liturgical music and pedagogical pieces (partimenti and solfeggi) illuminates Durante’s reputation as one of the most influential and revered maestri of the Neapolitan school.

This Alma Redemptoris setting for basso solo was prepared from an unidentified manuscript copy residing in the British Library. The manuscript’s title page states that there is to be no continuo realization: Alma Redemptoris con violini, e viola, violoncello e contrabasso, senza organo. As a result, our edition has not added a figured bass.

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